HR Administration

As a service provider in this arena, you must differentiate yourself from the competition. You must make the case to both existing clients and prospective clients that you are uniquely qualified to manage their most valuable asset: their employees … and that’s where HR Hero shines.

We can help you tailor an affordable program that will help you make this case and capitalize on new opportunities to grow your business.

HR Hero can help you to answer many questions, including the following:

How can I be sure that my client-facing team is on top of its game?
Regulations, laws, and accepted best practices are constantly changing. Your clients depend on the expertise of your people to guide them through these treacherous waters. Even the most seasoned HR professionals can find themselves at a loss for answers. HR Hero’s regulatory analysis keeps your client-facing team members informed so that they can present a more confident and knowledgeable face to clients and prospects.

How can I reduce my employment practices liability insurance premiums?
Poor employment practices lead to poor morale, costly lawsuits, and high EPLI premiums. HR Hero’s award-winning instructor-led training materials and online education programs enable you to help your clients institute, teach, and reinforce policies that are both compliant with federal and state regulations and aligned with accepted best practices.

How can I reduce my workers’ comp premiums?
If you’re a PEO, you know that out-of-control workers’ comp premiums can destroy margins faster than any other single expense. To combat this problem, you must establish an effective safety training program for your clients to follow. HR Hero’s training solutions will help you educate your clients and provide the tools they need to educate their employees. All HR Hero training solutions, both instructor-led and online, meet the standards set by OSHA and are consistent with accepted best practices.

How do I improve my new business acquisition rate? How about my client retention rate?
If you bring new clients on board based on price, you’ll eventually lose them based on price. But if you build your client relationships based on value, you’ll dramatically increase both your acquisition rate and your retention rate.

HR Hero gives you the tools you need to become an indispensable part of your client’s human resources program right from the start. Plus, many HR Hero solutions can be cobranded as your offering, so your clients won’t forget who is providing them. Competitors may beat your price, but they won’t be able to compete with your superior level of service and expertise.

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