HR Tools

Employee Handbook Builder

Handbooks are the foundation and first line of defense for HR compliance, and the starting point for creating and maintaining an effective communication system that supports a strong employee culture. With the Employee Handbook Builder, you can build, update, and customize your handbook online, saving time and money.

In partnership with the experts at Jackson | Lewis, you can gain peace of mind, knowing your handbook is up to date with today’s ever changing employment policies.

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State Law Chart Builder

Save hours of research while complying with employment laws in all 50 states. Find instant explanations of HR’s rights and obligations to employees in 76 policy areas for every state in the country. Whatever the question you get from a front-line supervisor, a field office, an employee or another executive, you’ll find the answer in seconds.

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Job Description Manager

Create, maintain, and organize your job descriptions like a pro with BLR’s Job Description Manager. This easy-to-use online tool provides you with more than 2,000 job titles, and combines with the power of an approval process to make your job easy.

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Job Classification & FLSA Audit Tool

Are you confident your employees are properly classified? Do you know your overall risk factor when it comes to wage and hour laws? Complying with these overwhelming details doesn’t have to be complicated. With the Job Classification & FLSA Audit Tool, you can be confident your FLSA practices are compliant with evolving wage and hour laws and regulations.

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Salary Finder

The Salary Finder tool has proven its worth for many organizations as a cost-effective, reputable solution for compensation and wage research. With this tool you can research and compare salaries for over 2,600 job titles which can be filtered by industry, location, and company size.

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