Perfect for Auditing and Classifying Clients

Make sure your clients are compliant with wage and hour laws, and have properly-classified employees. The nation’s largest PEOs, consultants, and insurance brokers turn to BLR’s Job Classification & FLSA Audit Tool to help audit and classify their clients.

Protect your organization

Whether you provide compliance services or are the employer of record, you need to make sure a new client’s current employees and new positions are classified correctly—and you can do so easily with the Job Classification & FLSA Audit Tool.

Admin tools to service your clients

Easily manage client profiles and set up new audits. With the enterprise admin, you’ll have custom features for serving your clients.

Connect your clients with leading legal experts

The Job Classification & FLSA Audit Tool’s compliance content is powered by BLR’s editorial team of attorneys who focus on labor and employment law. Use the tool to audit your clients or allow access to your clients to show the value of your services.

Fully customizable portals

BLR’s Job Classification & FLSA Audit Tool can be fully customized to fit your branding guidelines. A custom portal can be created for your customers to access audits and classification reports, complete with your logo and design.

Serve your clients across the United States

The BLR editorial and legal team keeps an eye on all federal changes to wage and hour regulations that affect an organization’s overtime policies, employee classifications, and more. If regulations change, we’ll update the audit tool quickly so you can reaudit or reclassify as needed.

Increase retention, attract new customers

BLR’s Job Classification & FLSA Audit Tool is the perfect addition to your solution portfolio. It guides you through the audit or classification process to enhance your value as your clients’ partner.

The Fair Labor Standards Act was passed in 1938, and almost 80 years later is still one of the most complicated laws for organizations correctly. With BLR’s Job Classification & FLSA Audit Tool, you are able to audit, classify and comply more efficiently. Request a demo today to learn more!