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Employee Handbook Builder Frequently Asked Questions

Which states are available for the Employee Handbook Builder?

A: All 50 states and the District of Columbia are available on our Employee Handbook Builder platform.

Is the Employee Handbook Builder something I can access from anywhere?

A: Yes! The Employee Handbook Builder is housed in the cloud. It can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection including on tablets and smart devices.

Can I include a company logo, watermark, or header and footer in the handbook?

A: Yes! Employee Handbook Builder allows you to customize your handbook to ensure a cohesive image for your employees.

Do I have to download anything to use the Employee Handbook Builder?

A: No! The Employee Handbook Builder is completely web-based. Unlike some employee handbook softwares, no downloads or installations are required.

My company handbook is out-of-date. Can we import our old handbook into your system and edit it?

A: Because our Employee Handbook Builder uses expertly crafted language provided by our legal partners at Jackson Lewis, importing outside language is not possible. This ensures that all the federal and state provisions and language requirements are included and legally compliant. After each provision, you will review the provided language and have the ability to amend or replace that language with your own.

Are you able to update the employee handbook once you have created it?

A: Yes, you can edit the handbook at any time during the life of your subscription.

We have a smaller company. Do you cover whether we need to include FMLA or not?

A: Yes! Once you purchase your handbook, you’ll take a short online interview where you will be asked questions relating to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and provided language for that policy. This interview process will indicate what policies your business is subject to.

Does Employee Handbook Builder cover city policies?

A: Yes! Where applicable, Employee Handbook Builder covers city-specific policies.

What happens when new laws or policies are released in my state?

A: Any time a provision is updated or added to a handbook, you’ll receive an update sent directly your inbox with detailed instructions on how to update or add the provision.

My company operates in one state, but we have two to three employees who work in another state. Do I need to purchase an extra handbook?

A: Yes, if you have employees operating in multiple states, it is recommended that you maintain employee handbooks in each applicable state.

How do I know if certain laws apply to my employees?

A: BLR provides liner notes for every policy in the handbook explaining why the policy exists and when it applies. It also includes guidelines on any edits you may want to make.

Can I modify a provision?

A: Handbook provisions were written to comply with applicable federal and state laws. If you choose to modify a provision to reflect company policy, please ensure that it continues to adhere to applicable law. BLR provides guidelines for editing language with every provision.

Why are all employment policy updates not included in the Employee Handbook Builder?

A: BLR maintains that there is a difference between a policy manual and an employee handbook. This is an employee handbook and is not intended to cover every federal or state employment issue. The handbooks are written to cover all necessary language and policies to be compliant for the given state(s) without exposing the employer to unnecessary legal action.

I’m a PEO. Where can I learn more about how I can implement this for my clients?

A: Click here to learn more about our PEO partnerships, or call us directly at 800-727-5727.

How many updates are made each year?

A: The number of updates varies greatly from year to year and by state.

How am I notified about new language or policy updates?

A: All customers are notified of handbook changes via e-mail and on the Policy Updates page.

Can I add acknowledgment forms to the handbook?

A: The Employee Handbook Builder gives you three standard acknowledgments with the ability to add additional customized acknowledgments that you create.

Can I add a new state to an existing handbook without starting the interview from the beginning?

A: Yes. Contact customer service at, or call 800-727-5727 to add new states.

Is this service applicable to the public sector?

A: While certain provisions can be applied in the public sector, this handbook is designed for private sector employers. However, it is possible to edit language and additional policies to create a public sector handbook.

Can this handbook be used for employees in Puerto Rico?

A: Due to certain intricacies, this handbook is not compliant with Puerto Rico law.

Can I place my handbook on my company intranet?

A: Yes, you can easily download the PDF version of your completed handbook and host that from your company's intranet. Please be aware that if you subsequently update the handbook using the Employee Handbook Builder, you will have to re-publish and download the updated version and upload the new version to your intranet server.