Time Saving Downloads and Training Resources

Training Presentations

Make PowerPoint training development a task of your past. Select from over 400 topics, and find a complete package, from presentation to speaker notes, all the way through to a final quiz. Be prepared to train on any topic, at any time.

Need to train Spanish speaking employees? No problem – HR Hero’s training presentations include an extensive Spanish selection!

Forms, Checklists, and Calculators

Need help communicating impact of turnover and cost-per-hire to support culture improvements? Find just the right calculators to fit your needs, and reduce your reliance on head scratching math.

Stop wasting time crafting the perfectly compliant language to match your needs in FMLA, employee applications, exit interviews, and more. Download straight from HR Hero’s library of over 900 ready to use resources.

Keep on being the HR pro for your organization – let HR Hero do your dirty work.